Curiouser and Curiouser

Skipping through instagram or something to that effect this morning, I came across an interesting meme which said something around the lines of “be curious about what the day will bring”.

I pondered this in my morning shower and realised that I liked it, I liked it a lot.

In relation to what I call the Sesame Street of Spirituality, the message is clear, your reality is your thoughts so think positively. Half of this is pretty spot on but the other half is pure and utter bullshit.

The problem with it is this, your thoughts and feelings are valid no matter what way you think them. If you feel like today is a shit day, then acknowledge it’s a shit day. By pretending things are great when they are completely fucked is actually living in denial.

We have such great access to awareness through video’s, articles, movies and books. All shining a light on the pathway to a happier life. This however comes with it’s limitations.

We start to misinterpret the message. We assume to be successful and have a happy life we have to always be positive and see the good in everything in every moment. True consciousness is actually allowing all things to be present. The good, the bad, the ugly. Believe it or not…….


If they tell you are, they’re lying! Everybody goes through the ebbs and flows of life. Some periods can be joyous, but as the old saying goes, you can’t have the sweet without the sour.

I can go through periods of life where I feel like I’m floating on a cloud. This can go on for sometimes months where I am in pure bliss. I’m in awe of life and what I have access too. Everything is sweeter, life is wonderful, people are beautiful and I relish in the beauty of all that is around me.

Then, the next phase, the next lesson, the deepening of awareness starts to shadow in. I can struggle to find anything beautiful about the world. I think people are dickheads, I crack the shits randomly and lose my temper at a car driving past. But this is so normal, this is actually the ebbs and flows of life and what it means to truly be living authentically.

Authenticity means being true to who you are in that moment and allowing that to roam free. You do this without judgement and allow yourself to just feel like crap, however long it needs to feel crappy. The longer we resist it, the more it will bubble to the surface and potentially attract a bigger and badder situation to force us into actually feeling what we are feeling.

So when we hear all of these life coaches, gurus, or authorities saying “start your day with positivity and the rest of the day will be wonderful”,

I say, nahhhhhh!

Start your day realistically, spend time with how you feel in that moment and get curious. Question the feelings and where in your body you feel them. See if you can have a conversation with the feeling and dig a little deeper.

By allowing this process to take place, you reveal what needs to be acknowledged and you give this the opportunity to live and breath for a bit. Think of it as a hurt child. The kid is yelling and screaming, if you ignore and it and pretend it’s all good, is this going to quieten the child? If you respond and console, listen and love, then just simply say……

What is today going to bring?

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