Pure Imagination

Did you feel that?

That soft, delicate whisper of truth skimming over your body. That subtle reassurance that is always there if we STOP!! and pay attention.

What is that? When we feel a current move through our body, translating as a shiver or millions of tiny bumps protruding out to the world. Is it by chance? Some random physical response? Or is it the truth of our very being gently encouraging us to sit up and take notice.

Take notice of what though?

Our dreams, our hearts…… ourselves.

When you see it in this way, does it feel magical? Does it feel like everything is possible? Does it feel comfortable? Is it pure imagination?

To feel and pay attention to the whispers on your skin is an offering of a glimpse into what it is like to be truly in the comfort of our own home. Comfortable in our skin.

As all things, a chance encounter (or is it?) comes along and highlights a deeper, more subtle knowing. It tugs at you and makes you stand poised, on high alert at the gift that is coming for you. The gift of deepening the relationship with yourself, opening yourself more to what life has to give you. This is precisely what happened on my Saturday night at a special place called the GREEN OWL.

Here is where I witnessed the sublime talent and human that is JIMMY DAVIS.

To see this young man of 24 with the wisdom of lifetimes, a blanket of fiery red hair dripping down his shoulders, a face that held a million characters and let them out to play one by one, was truly mesmerising. When normally I would be very vocal with my appreciation of this kind of talent, I found myself stuck to my seat unable to move.

What was it about this man that made me stand to attention and turn my focus so deeply within myself?

It was the level of comfort he had within himself. As I looked around the room, it seemed like a congregation of people had come to plug in to him and recharge their soul juice. For me, I could feel so many realisations about the things in my life that have held me back for so long and I could also feel that I had never, really been comfortable in my own skin.

What would it mean to have this? What would life look like for me if I was to completely embrace myself in every moment of every day? What would it mean for the people around me?

The simple answer is, it looks like this moment. Deep, unspoken connection with life beneath the skin. A place where we are all the same, we are all connected and free to be our purpose. That purpose being pure self.

When we choose to be completely at home in our own skin, there is nothing we aren’t and therefore everything we are. Life grabs you by the dick and says, Kell, you don’t have a dick so stop living with it. Stop being afraid of the essence that you bring to the world and stop denying that to yourself and others.

People will certainly try and pull you back, they have been your whole life because you have allowed it. You let their fear take hold of your fear and you met life in that space. What was available for you here was pain, hurt, betrayal, anger, violence, abuse, chaos, darkness, loneliness, terror and desperation. When you finally refuse to live from this operating system, the fears increase, the people in your life start to act up, they get louder but in that you see the blinding truth of where and how it has been playing out your entire life.

And here you have your choice.

The water you drank from, a taste that once felt so comfortable and calm now is repulsive. You realise all these years you have been tasting chlorine and chemicals. You now crave the filtered water of a different well, completely allowing yourself to leave behind the things that house the fear. Acknowledging to yourself that you can’t go back because you now choose your own skin. You decide that who you are is the unlimited source of soul juice. You decide to stop being a parasite of life feeding off the fear of those around you. Instead you feed on the little windows of love that are open to touch your heart and change it forever. The little windows like Jimmy Davis who, in dedication to his skin, created a reference point for me to see my skin.

I made a promise to him to show him my heart because he so fearlessly showed me his. He gave me a karmic nod to keep going irrespective of my doubts and tremors. He opened up his skin and showed me the characters that are deep within me, the weird, the wild and the wonderful.

He showed me a life of pure imagination. He held my hand and his eyes became mine, I saw paradise and I saw everything I wanted to.

I wanna change the world, and there’s nothing to it. Just, pure imagination!

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