The Nipple Effect

For a woman, one of the most INCREDIBLE feelings is walking in the door and ripping your bra off at the end of the day. Sometimes for me, I don’t even get that far and I’m ripping it off in the car.

Bras are RARELY comfortable! We have wires, straps, elastic and clips all digging into our skin. The bigger the breasts the more intense this all is. For me, not wearing a bra is so freeing and liberating. I fucking love the feeling of not letting my boobs be restrained. I am built for comfort and when I am comfortable in my clothing, I am more present with myself.

I have a theory about the symbolism of the bra burning in the 60’s. Such a huge transformative era which took women literally out of their confinements and set them free! I’ve been in two mind surrounding the translation of this. In one breath it’s super liberating, in the other, it shows me that a bra can also symbolise support and having ourselves “held up”. So what are we rejecting here, the support that can be here for us or societies condemnation and suppression of the feminine form?

For me, I LOVE not wearing a bra! I often go out with no bra because it feels incredible. I do this for myself and honestly, it has nothing to do with sex. The fact is, I actually have rather large nipples! They would poke someone’s eye out at the best of times so naturally, what a lot of people see, is ma nips. I joke around with my friends and say stuff like “Free the nips man” but the reality here is, I don’t like people looking at them. When I feel like people are looking at them it makes me feel very insecure. This is kind of weird because well…….

OF COURSE THEY’RE LOOKING! I mean, I would look!

So when I combine this with, 90% of my interactions with men being geared around sexualising me….. well, I don’t really need to spell it out do I?

The fact is, we are constantly sending out signals of who we are based on what we do and people’s interpretations of this kind of behaviour. What is so innocent on my end and driven by just wanting to be comfortable in life, is probably received to the vast majority as……


One of my most dearest friends Juli and I have been literally disecting this over the last couple of days and neither of us can really come up with a solution surrounding it. Do I conform to doing something because I’m afraid of the message it sends out to the world or do I keep freeing the nips because it makes me feel more comfortable? So I do what I always do, I let the awareness come through for me via writing.

As I sit here in my usual spot on the couch, in my undies with the heater on! I’m literally ALWAYS allowing myself to feel comfort! However, I’m wearing a bra from earlier on and I’m seeing how long I can sit here in this discomfort. I’m letting this guide me as to what I need to do.

As I’m sitting here writing I’m asking myself….. Why are you allowing discomfort to drive you? Why is it that as a human being you are putting yourself through suffering to try and control the way others perceive you?

So, I just ripped it off and I’m feeling the relief… Not just in my breasts but over my whole body! In my shoulders, around my stomach, down my legs! It’s in this moment I realise, a bra literally manipulates the way my whole body is held together! I’m actually holding myself in such a rigid way all to wear a bra in order to protect people from being exposed to my nips. It is not just containing my breasts it is containing ME!

These divine creatures in the 60’s, whom I always thought held an element of denying the support of the feminine, were in no way denying anything! They were standing up for freedom of the feminine!

Let me out!

Let me feel free!

Let me do this and not have to explain why!

Let me feel comfort without having to feel shame and fear!

Let me feel ok if people are looking and feeling confronted!

Let me feel ok if people are looking and feeling excited!

Let me feel ok if people are looking and hating it!

Let me feel ok if people think I’m slutty!

Let me feel ok to want to be free and feel comfort in myself!

Let me not apologise to myself!

Let me give myself permission to be ok with me!

FREE THE NIPS! Free myself!

4 thoughts on “The Nipple Effect

  1. I love your musings Kellie. Let me say that as a male, underwear has it restrictions too. Clearly without them, then a certain part of the body may be more noticeable than allowable. They can also be damn uncomfortable and don’t stay on at home if roomie is out.
    The sexualisation of boobs is societal and developed through media in both tabooing them and revering them. You can’t win can you.
    Meh free the nipple, breathe I say

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