Dear Man

As a woman who is so passionate and encouraging of men. This is going to seem like not only a massive contradiction, but it will be highly confusing and pretty bloody harsh. I have signed up for a course called Awakening Men. I am so passionate and vocal about building up men so it was a no-brainer to further develop skills in this. What I wasn’t so prepared for was the complete contradictory feelings that have awakened in myself with how I really feel about men. I am sharing this because it is important to acknowledge every truth that we feel within ourselves. There are layers upon layers that we feel at any given time and some of these layers are so deep, they are mostly hidden from ourselves. So it stands to reason, some reflection points I was given to consider, on feeling deeply into them, they have exposed to me what I REALLY feel about men.

I have decided I am going to document my journey of this process, from my perspective and moving through what my experiences have been. I acknowledge that I speak strictly from my experiences and through my filters of belief systems and past traumas. I don’t even really know where to start unpacking but I am going to try. My hope for sharing this part of my journey is that people will see it as an empowered step. This is not to point the finger of judgment, this is not to arouse conflict. It is simply sharing the layers of myself that are preparing for healing. This is my letter to the masculine…..

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I Am Conceited And Arrogant To The Core….. GOOD!

If you know me, you will know that I detest selfies. For me it’s like master-bating in public. People looking for self gratification and external validation. I’m not looking for that. This picture if you read my words, is about celebrating myself and my freedom. My fuzzy hair, my no bra, my smile is a proud woman who doesn’t need to prove anything to anyone. I am doing this for myself because I am about to turn 40 and I am fabulous. Go me!

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The Man in The Mirror

I have felt so disturbed the last few days. I know some of that contributing factor has been a few documentaries I have watched, Leaving Nerverland and Dirty John. Being disturbed has come from a number of things. A lot of this frightens me to say due to the backlash that can be received, hurting […]

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